30cm (12") Plates

Available in a range of over 40 designs, in either flat rimmed plate or deep rimmed bowl plate, both 30cm (12 inches) in diameter, made from hard wearing dishwasher and mircowave proof porcelain. Some designs (like the farmyard range) we only hold stock in the flat rimmed plate shape, it maybe possible (can take 12 weeks or so) to make the deep rimmed bowl plate shape as a special order, please enquire by email first.  Both styles of plate are versatile:

Plate profiles

Flat Rimmed 30cms (12 inches)  - Deep Rimmed Bowl 30cms (12 inches)

Flat rimmed plates have a rim that rises gradually so they still hold food with sauces well. You can also lay wide ingredients on the plate coming onto the rim, like fish or asparagus.

Deep rimmed bowl plates are good for pasta and dishes with lots of sauce, as well as having a contemporary feel. Often restaurants use this style of plate for main courses as it tends to centre the food.

30cm (12") Plate Set Offer  - Buy any 6 or more round plates (choose from over 80 designs) and receive a multi discount applied at checkout equating to the value of one free 30cm plate (discount also applied to further 30cm plates added).  

All the ceramics are dishwasher proof as well as oven proof to heat for serving with or eating from, only the roasters are oven proof to cook with.