Heatstands & Surface Protectors

Rectangular and Round toughened glass boards measuring 30cm x 40cm (12 inches x 16 inches) or 30cm (inches) in diameter.

Made from toughen glass which is extremely durable and hygienic. Designed as chopping boards and surface protectors, they are very useful as heatstands on work tops and dining tables having feet on the bottoms creating an air gap between surfaces. Hot pans and serving plates can be placed on them from the stove or oven. Please rest very hot pans first for a minute or so (due to thermal shock) on top of the cooker before placing on boards.

The glass has a slight waviness in it giving the appearance of the fish/shellfish images being under water which make them popular with anglers/fishermen. The cheese, wine and cow designs on boards double up as ideal cheese boards.

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