• Two new mugs to support wild fish & marine conservation

    The Marine Conservation SocietyMCS Basking Shark Mug

    We donate 50% of profits from sales of our *NEW* Basking Shark Mug to MCSUK.

    About the Marine Conservation Society (MCS)

    The UK charity dedicated to protecting our seas, shores and wildlife, MCS campaigns for clean seas and beaches, sustainable fisheries, and protection of marine life. Through education, community involvement and collaboration, MCS addresses the threats that face our seas and promotes individual, industry and government action to protect the marine environment. MCS provides information and guidance on many aspects of marine conservation and produces the annual Good Beach Guide, the Good Fish Guide and Fishonline on sustainable seafood, as well as involving thousands of volunteers in projects and surveys such as MCS Beachwatch. Find out more: www.mcsuk.org.

    Salmon and Trout UK       Richard Bramble Charity Trout Mug

    Richard Bramble has designed a trout mug to support S&TCUK. 50% of the profits from sales of this colourful mug will be donated to the charity.

    "The amazing colours and patterns of the different species of trout, varying according to their habitat, fascinated me from an early age. Be it the Brown Trout from the clear chalk streams of Dorset or peaty lochs of the Hebrides, it's always been a challenge to capture this beauty with paint and brush! I have created this bone china mug celebrating four species of Trout - Brown, Rainbow, Brook and Cutthroat. Truly a mug to brighten up the kitchen and remind us of these beautiful fish - and the work Salmon & Trout Conservation UK does to protect them and their habitat" Richard Bramble

    About Salmon & Trout Conservation UK

    When the Salmon & Trout Conservation UK was formed in 1903, the principal threat to freshwater and marine habitats came from industrial pollution. The Association began to recruit members and took shape from the concept that, ‘it is necessary for sportsmen, scientists, experts in each branch of fishery care and administration to band themselves together to protect and nurture a natural heritage that civilisation dissipates.’ S&TCUK became a registered charity in 2008 and is now the only UK fisheries charity that campaigns for the conservation, protection and sustainable management of an aquatic environment capable of supporting an abundance of indigenous fish species, invertebrates, animals and plant life - from source to sea.

    Find out more at www.salmon-trout.org

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