The jugs have Richard Bramble's unique designs on both sides and are made from bone china. All are microwave and dishwasher proof. Ideal for cream, milk, water, juice and even for gravy (alternative to a gravy boat).

1/2 Pint Jug (creamer size) 10.5cm (4 inches) in height, 5.5cm top, 6.5cm bottom (2 inches) in diameter.Volume: 1/2 pint, 8 fl oz, 0.24 litres.

1 Pint Jug (milker size) 13cm in height (5 inches), 7.5cm top, 8.5cm bottom (3.5 inches) in diameter. Volume: 1 pint, 16 fl oz, 0.47 litres.

3 Pint Jug (water & vase size) 19cm (7.5 inches) in height. Volume: 3 pints, 48 fl oz, 1.42 litres. Diameter on bottom is 14cm (5.5 inches) and 10cm (4 inches) on top

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