Richard Bramble | 21cm Parmesan Cheese Plate

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One of a set of 9 cheese plate designs by Richard Bramble to choose from; Alpine, Washed Rind, Blue, Bloomy Rind, Cheddar, Ewes, Parmesan, Mozzarella and Goats Cheese. Perfect for serving a selection of cheeses and as a centre piece.

Size 21cm (8.3 inches) in diameter, made from hard wearing, dishwasher proof porcelain.

Artist comment: My interest in cheese first started when I worked with the top British Michelin Star Chefs creating the Starchefs Cookbook. Their restaurants often had fantastic cheese boards, with all shapes and types of cheese. Since this experience I had always thought about creating a set of cheese plates celebrating the different ways of making cheeses and specific cheeses. The cheese mongers Paxton & Whitfield commissioned the first six plates in the range, and a stall at Borough Market in London since 1999 surrounded by cheese makers and sellers has inspired on going designs. The newest in the edition being the Mozzarella plate.

These make great conversation pieces at dinner parties as guests read the text whilst waiting for the cheese platter/board to be passed around. Very hard wearing porcelain so ideal for daily use as well.

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