Reserve Comté Cheese

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This wonderful French Reserve Comté cheese, made in the Doubs and Jura areas and matured in the 19th century Fort Saint Antoine, which is owned by Marcel Petite, one of the most respected affineurs of Comté in France, is supplied to us by The Borough Market Cheese Company, a fellow trader at Borough Market. If you are visiting the market we strongly recommend visiting their stall to sample and buy direct.

The cheese has a dense, smooth texture with occasional grains, and a rich, long nutty flavour. Some have sweet, caramel characteristics while others are more savoury and vegetal.

For that unique extra special gift, we can send a 250g piece of the French Comté Reserve with any of the cheese plates (Comté is featured on the 'Alpine Cheese' plate).

The Comté travels well and is one of Richard Bramble's favourites, which is why he has chosen to include it on his website.

Reserve Comté (Made from unpasteurised cows milk with traditional animal rennet): Price: £7 for 250g hand cut slice (£28 per Kg)

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